white elephant printables

The holidays are quickly approaching (I know I am always saying that, but it’s true)!Have you ever hosted or been to a White Elephant Gift Exchange? They are so much fun! I recently hosted one with friends and family, and I had so much fun! I designed these white elephant printables, so I decided to share them with you. If you have no idea what a White Elephant Gift Exchange is, no worries just read below to find out how a White Elephant Gift Exchange works:

white elephant printables

The best part about this gift exchange is that you get to determine how much the gifts cost! You could also set a theme for the gifts: handmade gifts, coffee table books, favorite movie (or just a movie theme in general), etc. There are so many ways to have fun with this gift exchange. Click below to download the White Elephant printables!

Below are the white elephant printable numbers, the PDF file includes numbers 1-12.

white elephant printables

Click here to download the White Elephant Number Cards 1-12
Click here
 to download the White Elephant Gift Exchange Rules

Supplies Needed:
• Scissors or Paper Trimmer
• 8.5×11 White Cardstock or Photo Paper
• 8×10 Frame (optional)

White Elephant Number Cards Instructions:
1. Download and print the Number Cards printable on Cardstock or Photo Paper
2. Cut along the red square border for each number

White Elephant Gift Exchange Rules:
1. Download and print the Gift Exchange Rules printable on Cardstock or Photo Paper
2. Cut along the border
3. Place into an 8×10 Frame (optional) or tape wherever you will be hosting your exchange

I would love to hear below about your experience of having a White Elephant Gift Exchange! Did you get anything exciting?

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