favorite iPhone apps

According to Time, the average person looks at his or her phone 46 times each day. I feel like I am guilty of looking at my phone way more than 46 times each day! I rely on my phone for so many things! There are so many apps available that truly make your life easier. I have compiled a list of 16 of my favorite iPhone apps in hopes of making the 46+ times you look at your phone a tiny bit simpler. Some of these apps have been around for years, others are brand new. Here are my favorite iPhone apps:

favorite iPhone apps

1 Acorns
Acorns is a financial service that helps you invest your money. If you decide to sign up, click this link and you will automatically earn $5!

2 RetailMeNot
This app is great to use when you are out shopping! You are provided notifications that alert you of the best deals.

3 Open Table
This app is great for finding new restaurants or even eating at your favorite places! When you make a reservation through Open Table you earn points that turn into cash! Basically you are getting paid to eat at your favorite restaurants. If you spend a few minutes searching you can sometimes find restaurants that will give you 1,000 points in just one visit!

4 Cartwheel
If you shop at Target, this app hopefully is already on your phone. If not download it right now! You will save even more than the 5% red card savings :)

5 CVS Pharmacy
This app is great for easily managing your prescriptions and quickly getting pictures printed.

6 Groupon
I frequently look at the things to do near me on this app and usually find some pretty good deals.

7 Waze
The absolute best GPS app ever! You will get the quickest route and even be notified of hazards along the way.

8 Podcasts
I know this app has been on the iPhone for quite some time, however up until this past year I never used it. I am finding Podcasts to be great for long drives!

9 Countdown+
I love counting down the days to an upcoming vacation or special event. This app is simple to use and great for that.

10 Birthday Board
This app will make it impossible for you to forget birthdays, anniversaries, or other special events that you want to recognize among your family and friends!

11 Photo Transfer Wifi
This app makes photo sharing so simple!

12 Pic Stitch
The best app for making simple collages (like the one above :)

13 Shazam
I would be lost without this app! I am so bad at remembering songs that I like on the radio, and this app not only identifies the song but keeps a list of all the songs.

14 Amazon Music
If you have an Amazon Prime account make sure you download this free music app. You are able to search songs, listen to different stations, create your own playlists, all without having to listen to commercials. Oh, and you can skip songs as many times as you like!

15 Literacy Leveler
I use this app to level all of my books for my students. Not only does it tell you the appropriate book level, but it also keeps a digital library of all of your books.

16 Pages
This app is great for creating documents. The documents will then sync to your cloud and you can easily open them up on another device or you can email them out in various formats.

I would love to hear your favorite apps in the comments below!

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