favorite iPhone apps

According to Time, the average person looks at his or her phone 46 times each day. I feel like I am guilty of looking at my phone way more than 46 times each day! I rely on my phone for so many things! There are so many apps available that truly make your life easier. I have compiled a list of 16 of my favorite iPhone apps in hopes of making the 46+ times you look at your phone a tiny bit simpler. Some of these apps have been around for years, others are brand new. Here are my favorite iPhone apps:

favorite iPhone apps

1 Acorns
Acorns is a financial service that helps you invest your money. If you decide to sign up, click this link and you will automatically earn $5!

2 RetailMeNot
This app is great to use when you are out shopping! You are provided notifications that alert you of the best deals.

3 Open Table
This app is great for finding new restaurants or even eating at your favorite places! When you make a reservation through Open Table you earn points that turn into cash! Basically you are getting paid to eat at your favorite restaurants. If you spend a few minutes searching you can sometimes find restaurants that will give you 1,000 points in just one visit!

4 Cartwheel
If you shop at Target, this app hopefully is already on your phone. If not download it right now! You will save even more than the 5% red card savings :)

5 CVS Pharmacy
This app is great for easily managing your prescriptions and quickly getting pictures printed.

6 Groupon
I frequently look at the things to do near me on this app and usually find some pretty good deals.

7 Waze
The absolute best GPS app ever! You will get the quickest route and even be notified of hazards along the way.

8 Podcasts
I know this app has been on the iPhone for quite some time, however up until this past year I never used it. I am finding Podcasts to be great for long drives!

9 Countdown+
I love counting down the days to an upcoming vacation or special event. This app is simple to use and great for that.

10 Birthday Board
This app will make it impossible for you to forget birthdays, anniversaries, or other special events that you want to recognize among your family and friends!

11 Photo Transfer Wifi
This app makes photo sharing so simple!

12 Pic Stitch
The best app for making simple collages (like the one above :)

13 Shazam
I would be lost without this app! I am so bad at remembering songs that I like on the radio, and this app not only identifies the song but keeps a list of all the songs.

14 Amazon Music
If you have an Amazon Prime account make sure you download this free music app. You are able to search songs, listen to different stations, create your own playlists, all without having to listen to commercials. Oh, and you can skip songs as many times as you like!

15 Literacy Leveler
I use this app to level all of my books for my students. Not only does it tell you the appropriate book level, but it also keeps a digital library of all of your books.

16 Pages
This app is great for creating documents. The documents will then sync to your cloud and you can easily open them up on another device or you can email them out in various formats.

I would love to hear your favorite apps in the comments below!

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easy easter appetizers

Here are four easy Easter appetizers! I love festive appetizers, there is just something about them that make holiday meals so much more exciting! Here are easy some Easter appetizers that will be sure to make your food tables look festive this Easter. I promise these really are easy, if there is one thing you have learned about me, it is that I do not like spending a lot of time in the kitchen. I would rather spend time with family and friends, than prepping food!

easy easter appetizers
1. Tomato Tulips via The Thrifty Couple
2. Baby Chick Cheese Balls via Hungry Happenings
3. Chick-a-Tea Sandwiches via Party Bluprints
4. Crescent Filled Carrots via Tablespoon (can also be filled with egg/potato salad)


Looking for more ideas for your Easter get together? Here are a TON! If you still can’t find what you are looking for, head on over to Pinterest and check out the Easter board for even more ideas!

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free printable valentines

Here is a new free printable valentine design and if you scroll down there are a couple other different free printable valentines from previous years you will find. This day and age most schools do not allow food to be brought into school because of allergies, so here is a fun design that still incorporates a Valentine treat!

I have given these fun valentines out to my students two years in a row and both years my kiddos have loved these! I promise they will be a hit. These ‘You are a-MAZE-ing’ valentines have a cute little maze for kids to solve with their new pencil! You can either print them out in color ink on white cardstock or if you are looking to save some printer ink, print them out in black ink on bright color cardstock! This year I printed them out in black ink on fun bright color cardstock. I just went to Michaels’ today, and I was able to get 3 packs of cardstock for $10 and used a 20% off coupon. If you do shop at Michaels’, download their app, so you can use their coupons (just a little savings tip)! Click below to download the ‘You are aMAZEing Valentines’ (as always with all free printables .. supplies needed and assembly instructions can be found below :)

black ink maze valentine

download black ink valentine

color ink maze valentine

download color ink valentine


Supplies Needed:
• Scissors or Paper Trimmer
• 8.5×11 White Cardstock or Color Cardstock (Depending whether you are choosing B & W or Color Option)
Pencils (I usually find cute Valentine’s Day pencils from Target’s Dollar bins.. but hurry because they usually go quick :)
Utility Knife

1. Download and print the Valentine on Cardstock
2. Using the four gray trim marks, cut the valentines out
3. Place the pencil diagonally across the heart
4. Using the utility knife make two small slits along the top and bottom of the heart
5. Slide the pencil through the back (You can also place a small piece of tape behind the pencil for it to be extra secure)

Here are some other FREE printable Valentines:

Monster Valentines

Cupcake Valentines

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free printable 2016 calendar

Looking for a free printable 2016 calendar? You’re in luck! Here is a FREE monthly printable 2016 calendar. I don’t know about you, but I am already planning my new year! This calendar provides plenty of room to write in each day for all of your activities and special events. Best of all, you can print this calendar as many times as you would like and it takes very little ink! Maybe you like having a few different calendars, one for birthdays, one for meal planning, one for events, and so on! I hope this calendar comes in handy for you!

  free printable 2016 calendar

click here to download your free 2016 calendar

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last minute gift ideas

Shopping days are quickly coming to an end! If you have not finished your shopping yet, no need to stress out. Here are six last minute gift ideas that fit any budget. Most of these last minute gift ideas can be purchased online! If you ordered a gift online that will not arrive before Christmas, simply print out the image of the gift and give the piece of paper to your recipient letting them know their gift is on its way. Either place the piece of paper in a card or if you would like your recipient to have something to unwrap, place the paper in a box and wrap the box!

last minute gift ideas


1. Magazine Subscription • Perfect for those who love to read! Currently, Amazon is having a special where you can purchase two magazine subscriptions for the price of one!
2. Spafinder Wellness 365 eGift Card • Choose a design, write a special message, select an amount, and your eGift card will be delivered within minutes. Your recipient can choose from over 25,000 locations worldwide to redeem their eGift card!
3. Club W Monthly Wine Subscription • You can choose how much you would like to give (1 month – 1 year) and personalize a note that will be delivered to your recipient.
4. Craft Beer Club Subscription • You decide how often and how many beers you would like to send to your recipient.
5. Lottery Ticket Display • This wreath display is super festive and easy to make! Lottery tickets can be purchased for as little as $1, so you decide how much you would like to spend! Here is another holiday lottery ticket display idea.
6. Amazon Gift Card Email Delivery • Choose a fun holiday design, an amount, and your gift card will be emailed to your recipient. Amazon has so many things to choose from, so you definitely cannot go wrong with this gift!

diy gift ideas-01 gift ideas for kids-01 gift ideas for men-01 gift ides for women-01

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easy side dishes

Looking for easy side dishes to make? You are in luck! Since I am not a huge fan of cooking, when I have to make a side dish it has to be easy to make and delicious! Here are four easy side dishes that you can make for any dinner, and I promise they are super yummy! Oh, and the best part .. these easy side dishes only take 10 minutes to prepare!

easy side dishes

1. Spinach Gratin via Food Network 10 minutes prep • cook time 40 minutes
2. Broccoli Cheese Casserole via Add a Pinch 10 minutes prep • cook time 35 minutes
3. Three Cheese Mashed Potatoes via Delish 10 minutes prep • cook time 20 minutes
4. Lemon Parmesan Broccoli via Cooking Light 10 minutes prep • cook time 10 minutes

Looking for other recipes? Click here!

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teacher graduation party

I am so excited to finally share with you an amazing Teacher Graduation Party!  The day was filled with family and friends, and I am so thankful for everyone who helped me put the party together.

Outside of the canopy hung a chalkboard banner and one of my graduation pictures that was blown up and made into a welcome sign.
teacher graduation party
The party was catered by Fat Jack’s BBQ, if you live in Chester County or Delaware County, PA I highly recommend their food.
teacher graduation party Inside of the canopy was decorated with banners that I made using my Cricut Imagine machine. I cut out random letters and school shapes, hole punched them and then laced them through twine. Each table had a centerpiece that was made using: mason jars, sand, colored pencils, rulers, and old school pictures. I attached the pictures to rulers and then stuck them in the middle of each jar.
teacher graduation party
On the deck was the Teacher’s Lounge aka the bar/drink area.  teacher graduation party
The photo booth was a big hit! My Aunt and Uncle came from New Hampshire to attend my party and made the photo booth for me (so thankful). teacher graduation party
The cake was made out of all buttercream frosting, no fondant! I was really impressed with how the cake turned out. The apple on top was a cake too :) teacher graduation party

Thank you so much to all of the wonderful vendors and people who helped make my day so memorable:
Invitations & Party Printables: Made by Cristina Marie
Caterer: Fat Jack’s BBQ
Cookies: Jacquette’s Bakery
Cake: Maria’s Prime Time Bakery
Tables, Chairs, Canopy, & Bar Stand:
Party Supplies: Oriental Trading
Guestbook: Mixbook
Photography: My lovely Uncle Bob
Photo Booth: My lovely Aunt Karen (DIY post coming soon)
Favors: Made by Cristina Marie

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Last May, I finally graduated (I took some time off) college where I majored in Early Elementary and Special Education and by July I was a dually certified teacher teaching summer school! Exciting and super busy. I then landed a job in August for the 2014-2015 school year. School just recently finished here in Pennsylvania because of all our snow days! Here is a tiny glimpse of some exciting things that have happened:


Be sure to follow along on Instagram for even more pictures :)

1. My graduation party, be on the lookout for a post coming about that super soon!
2. First job teaching special education summer school, I absolutely loved it!
3. Took a trip to Las Vegas with one of my best friends, we drove to Death Valley!
4. While in Vegas, we also took a tour to the Grand Canyon – absolutely amazing.
5. First full time teaching job, my completely empty classroom (that quickly changed)!
6. Traveled to Puerto Plata where I golfed for the first time (well, attempted to after practicing at home a tiny bit), zip lined, jumped off waterfalls, and went horseback riding!
7. I got to feed a giraffe, pretty exciting!
8. Took a day trip to Disney while in Florida over Spring Break!

Shop Update:
You will notice that currently in the shop you will only find digital items  (instant download items) for sale. Invitations and inserts are still able to be printed (by our professional printer), but stationery is not currently available. I do have plans for relaunching stationery into the shop, so keep your eye out for that soon! In the meantime, stay tuned for some exciting posts that are long overdue!

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father’s day 2015

Father’s Day 2015 is Sunday, June 21st. Here is a super easy DIY Father’s Day gift for any dad! Spruce it up with an 8×10 frame, place it in a gift bag with some tissue paper, and you have a perfect gift for dad this Father’s Day!

fathers day 2015

click here to download

10 Reasons Why I Love My Dad

Supplies Needed:
• Scissors or Paper Trimmer
• 8.5×11 White Cardstock or Photo Paper
• 8×10 Frame (optional)

1. Download and print the Father’s Day printable on Cardstock or Photo Paper
2. Cut along the border
3. Place into an 8×10 Frame (optional)

Click here for additional Father’s Day printables!

free fathers day printables

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2015 graduation gift ideas

Here are five 2015 graduation gift ideas for the graduate:


usa travel scratch map
Perfect for the graduate who loves to travel. This is a scratch off map of the USA. Every time a new state is visited, take a coin and scratch away! It is a great way to keep track of all the states visited.

one line a day: a five-year memory book
This small five year memory book is perfect for the graduate to keep track of his or her day. The 365 daily entries appear five times on each page, which will allow the graduate to reflect on previous memories over five years.

netflix account
I think this one is pretty self explanatory! Sign up your graduate for a few months of Netflix. If they are a high school graduate and off to college they probably brought a laptop with them. Netflix is perfect for watching movies, shows, and even documentaries!

fujifilm instant film camera
Any graduate would love an instant camera! This slim and lightweight camera is perfect for the graduate to take along with them on their new journey. Maybe they will even send you a few pictures ;)

home plate paperweight
I love this inspirational paperweight! The inspiring words of Babe Ruth, “Never let the fear of striking out get in your way.” are engraved on the paperweight. This would be great for the graduate’s desk.

wishing ball
This wishing ball comes with 52 pieces of tiny paper for the graduate. It encourages the graduate to think each week and record a message of hope or gratitude. Each week once the message is written, the paper is then placed into the wishing ball which becomes a permanent part of the ball. This is a great reflection activity for the graduate that lasts the entire year!

Click here for additional graduation gift ideas!

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